After four years of silence, Dutch hiphop artist Willem de Bruin released his new album ‘Man in Nood’ (translated: ‘Man in Need’) in the fall of 2018. The album described the aftermath of the breakup of his former group The Opposites and the story of Willem reflecting on a dark period in his life.

The ‘Man in Nood’ album-tour is the visual translation of his album on stage, comprising four shows, played across three of the biggest theatres in the Netherlands. A hiphop-show/theatre cross-over where stage design, visuals, light and performance complemented eachother to empower the story of the album.
It became a critically acclaimed hip-hop show that fitted the balanced tone of the album and resonated with the audience, visually and emotionally, marking Willem de Bruin‘s comeback.

NRC Handelsblad: “(...) The level of the production is sky-high and seamlessly complements the music. (...) The visuals are impressive and effective (...) Willem has raised the bar for perfomances of Dutch rappers significantly.”


Review NRC Handelsblad (2019-02-09):“Grandioos terug na The Opposites: Willem raakt met ieder woord” [*****]


Bespoke Management/Willem de Bruin

In Collaboration with

Mr. Wix
VJ Noralie
Roeland de Ponti


Visual Concept
Stage Design
Art Direction

Live Show Direction

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